Crimsafe Security Screens for Windows

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Crimsafe® Fixed Window Screens are non-moving panels that can be face-fitted or recess fitted using a mounting frame. You can see examples of all these window types in our photo gallery.

All Crimsafe windows use the unique screw-clamp™ system… tamper-resistant screws go through a metal clamp, then through the Tensile Tuff ® Security mesh and grip right into the frame, to hold the mesh in a vice-like grip which gives it enormous strength against attack.

Crimsafe’s screw-clamp™ design, and the thickness and toughness of our 304 Security screen, deter even the most determined intruder armed with the common tools of burglary.

Crimsafe Fixed Security Window Screens can be used on:

  • Sliding Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Louvers
  • Lap Louvers

Easy Installation
Crimsafe Security System products are custom built off-site then quickly assembled at your home. Our fixed window panels are easy to install.

Smaller Frame Sections
Boasting the strength of door frames, but with a smaller frame width.

Slimline Design
Heavy duty protection without heavy duty looks – a cross-section reveals the frame is only 11mm thick and 35mm wide.

Tamper-Resistant Screws
Exclusive to Crimsafe. Screws can only be applied or removed by a tool registered with Crimsafe. This assures the integrity of your security system.

Custom Built
Means a perfectly fitted job. Product can be made to fit the design and format of your windows.

Enhanced Lifestyle
Crimsafe provides unhindered views, keeps out mosquitoes, and lets you keep a cool, safe house in Summer.

Blocks Out at least 30 percent of UV Rays
Means a longer life for interior furnishings.

Blocks Heat Transfer
Improves the Energy Rating of glass windows and keeps home cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.

Full Range of Colors
Crimsafe stocks a full range of standard colors so that the system you buy complements your home. Other colors are available on request.

Emergency Egress Windows – Crimsafe-S-Cape
In a fire situation, you need to get out in seconds, or the smoke may kill you. Trying to get through a Crimsafe® Fixed Window would be hopeless. Crimsafe-S-Capes are keyless emergency exit products for window spaces. They let you quickly exit in a fire or other emergency, but they are just as hard to penetrate as all our other products because they feature Crimsafe’s ® screw-clamped mesh as well as a triple “anti-crowbar” design that protects the lock.

With a Crimsafe-S-Cape installed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is as secure as it can be from the outside, but you can exit in seconds if the need arises.