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Residential and Commercial Impact Resistant Garage Doors

It’s no secret, Insurance Analysts know a majority of residential hurricane damage begins with wind entry into your home’s garage. During an extreme wind event, storm-driven debris can dent, deform or even penetrate ordinary garage doors.

The solution is Rollshield’s most popular garage doors, which are wind-load-rated through various approved agencies, such as: Florida Building Code and Miami Dade County rated. Another added benefit is a reduction in costs since Rollshield manufactures and installs these products, passing overhead savings onto you.

1. High wind events can cause un-reinforced garage doors to buckle, forcing the door out of the track and causing catastrophic door failure.

2. Debris driven by high velocity hurricane winds become powerful projectiles that can pierce ordinary garage doors breaching their integrity.

3.With wind speeds exceeding 111mph (Category 3 or greater hurricane) extraordinary pressure inside the home can compromise the structural integrity of walls and roof.

4. Induced internal air pressure can reach such a magnitude that it can literally blow off the roof and tear apart wall panels.

5. Window opening as small as 4 square feet can pressurize the home’s interior, exerting forces on the structure like a turbine engine.


The map on the left should be used as a reference guide in providing you with assistance on those areas, within the U.S., identified as impact zones.

Keeping in mind the garage door is potentially the weakest point of your home during a hurricane it is as important to have your roof, windows, doors, and shutters inspected, replaced, or purchased staying ahead of any danger. In case you’re still wondering why the garage door is the weakest point of entry; think of internal pressure

“According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, a majority of hurricane wind damage begins with wind entry through garage doors.”

Ask your insurer about discounts for hurricane-mitigation improvements

With improvements, such as rolldown shutters, impact-resident windows & doors, crimsafe, and many other hurricane related items there could be estimated savings up to $3,500 or more. Considering this an add-on bonus since protecting your family is priceless.