Which of RollShield’s Patio Enclosures Do You Want for Your Home in Tampa, FL?

Patio Enclosures Tampa FLRollShield offers many different types of patio enclosures for homeowners in Tampa, Florida, ensuring that we can supply the ideal addition for each customer’s lifestyle, home, and budget. If you simply want to gain some privacy and protection from bugs, our mesh screen rooms are an excellent choice. Another option is an enclosure made with our stainless steel Crimsafe® screens, which will keep out intruders and provide protection from the airborne debris that can be thrown around during a storm.

For more robust protection from outdoor nuisances, consider one of our patio enclosures made of acrylic sliding panels or soft vinyl sliding panels. With one of these structures, you can fully close off your patio when you want but then slide the panels horizontally or vertically (depending on which design you choose) to open up the space and let in a fresh breeze. However, our sunroom patio enclosures with insulated glass are the best option for your home in Tampa, FL, if you want to create a space you can comfortably enjoy throughout the year. The glass on these sunrooms is specially designed to prevent outdoor heat from passing through, so you can more easily keep the enclosed space cool.

For help determining which of these patio enclosures is best for your home, contact RollShield today. We would be happy to visit your home in Tampa, FL, to provide you with any information you need to make an informed investment.