Retractable Screen Solutions

Retractable screen solutions for doors, windows, and large openings such as patios, verandas, curtain walls and large lift & slide door systems. RollShield Life Style Screens are suitable for both residential and commercial structures, fitting virtually anywhere where a screen solution is needed.While standard screens are functional in improving ventilation and keeping insects out, they lack style and sophistication. RollShield recognized this opportunity and set out to find a better solution – a solution that has the customer’s aesthetic, lifestyle, and functional needs in mind.

Retractable Screen Solutions Retractable door screens, retractable window screens and Executive motorized retractable screens. RollShield Life Style Screens has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of retractable screen solutions, meeting customer demand with its innovative products.

RollShield supplies retractable screens for all types of doors, windows, and large openings such as verandas, patios and porches. Unlike conventional insect screens, RollShield retractable screens don’t obstruct occupants’ views; they are there when needed and retract out of sight when not in use.

Benefits of Retractable Screens Retractable screens also do not inhibit the performance of the glass when stored. The coatings on self-cleaning glass products, for example, can react with the sun’s rays to break down organic dirt. Retractable screens stay cleaner too as airborne dirt, dust and pollen does not cling to the screen while retracted into the housing. When not in use, the screens can also improve the overall aesthetics of the home. One reason they are popular in the door market is that they allow the beauty of entry doors, including elegant decorative glass door lights, to be visible. In windows, retractable screens mean details like divided lights are no longer covered when the screens are not in use. The self-storing feature also eliminates the chores of screen removal in the winter and putting screens back up in the spring.

Quick FAQ’s

From the beginning, quality and service have been the primary focus of RollShield Life Style Screens, and this attention to detail remains a steadfast rule within the RollShield organization. Our goal is to be the first choice for all retractable screen solutions, to enhance our clients’ lifestyle, and provide them with an outstanding RollShield experience.

RollShield specifies and sources the finest components to go into its screen systems, resulting in unsurpassed craftsmanship in the industry. For every screen installation, experienced professionals measure and custom fit the desired screen solution.

Greg Moore the owner of RollShield determined that RollShield Life Style Screens would be the best solution for this RV Garage opening. He installed a custom made RollShield Life Style Screen in a finish that matched the home and covered the width of the large opening, enabling the homeowners to protect their RV without hassle, and provide rain protection. The peace of mind protection it gives the homeowners is what RollShield always strives for and exceeds all expectations from start to finish.