Why Choose Rolling Shutters for Your Home or Business in Clearwater Beach, FL?

Rolling Shutters Clearwater Beach FLRolling shutters are ideal for home and business owners in Clearwater Beach, Florida, who need protection from hurricanes and forced entry. These shutters are installed above windows, doors, and other openings that need protection, so the shutters can be quickly deployed when needed. In the Tampa Bay area, RollShield is the company to call if you want to have rolldown shutters installed. Our shutters can withstand winds up to 150 mph, so you can rest easy knowing that your property will be well protected if a hurricane strikes Clearwater Beach, FL. Our rolldown shutters are also ideal for storefronts and other businesses that need security during off-hours.

Aside from providing unbeatable protection, our rolling shutters offer the following benefits:

  • Easy operation – Well-engineered components ensure that you can deploy our rolldown shutters with ease. If you want even greater convenience, we can install electrical controls that let you raise or lower your shutters with the press of a button on a remote control.
  • Visual appeal – Because our rolling shutters are contained in compact housing units, they will not diminish the appearance of your home or business like larger shutters might. Plus, our shutters have snap covers that conceal all fastening hardware for added appeal.
  • Customization – Since we build all of our shutters on a custom basis, we can create your new shutters to your liking. You can choose from several colors and have viewing windows installed in the shutter slats so you will be able to see out when the shutters are deployed.
  • Warranty protection – Our rolling shutters come backed by a 10-year product warranty and a one-year installation warranty, so you can make this investment with confidence.

To learn more about our rolling shutters, contact us today. The RollShield team has proudly served customers in Clearwater Beach, FL, since 2000.