Hurricane Shutters

Your Best Source for Hurricane Shutters in Clearwater, FL – RollShield

Hurricane Shutters Clearwater FLWhen it comes to hurricane shutters and other hurricane protection systems, no company serving Clearwater, Florida, can meet your home or business security needs like RollShield. As the largest hurricane shutter manufacturer in the Tampa Bay area, we remain uniquely qualified to supply custom hurricane shutters with the ideal protection, aesthetics, and price for you. Unlike some companies that only install a limited selection of shutters that they purchase from separate manufacturers, we offer a wide variety of shutter styles, and we custom manufacture our shutters for each of our customers at our 15,000-square-foot facility, right here in Clearwater, FL.

Our available styles of hurricane shutters include:

  • Rolling – These shutters provide ideal security for homes, storefronts, and many other uses. We offer motorized options so that you can operate your shutters with ease using a wall switch or hand-held remote, while also allowing you to raise or lower them manually in the event of a power outage. We can install rolling hurricane shutters for spans as wide as 20’, giving you the opportunity to secure large entryways.
  • Accordion – This style remains an excellent choice for protecting curved areas, larger openings, sliding glass doors, or balconies on mid-rises or high-rises. They glide smoothly and lock securely to protect your home against an astounding 110 to 205 pound-force per square foot (psf) of pressure.
  • Bahama/Colonial – These elegant shutters install permanently on window openings, providing an efficient, yet stylish, form of hurricane protection for your building. Bahama hurricane shutters open outward from the building with a hinge above the window opening, while colonial shutters open sideways, serving as hurricane-approved versions of the types of shutters traditionally found on homes throughout New England.

In addition to hurricane shutters, RollShield also provides a multitude of other solutions for hurricane protection. As the only Crimsafe® manufacturer in the Tampa Bay area, we are your best source for this innovative stainless steel security screen, which you can use to protect windows, doors, patios, and virtually any other openings on your residential or commercial property. As an added benefit, Crimsafe® also offers exceptional protection against insects and extreme heat to support a comfortable environment inside your building or patio. We also have other options available, such as hurricane-resistant retractable screen systems, hurricane fabric, impact-resistant windows, hurricane panels, and more.

Contact RollShield today to learn more about the hurricane shutters and other protection systems we offer in Clearwater, FL.